If you are scared of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, wait till you see this USB Powered iSAW Chainsaw Toy...
Well, in one of my previous USB Toys, I have highlighted how the USB Powered Toy CD Destroyer can pack a mean punch and act as a "murder" weapon or be used to maybe threaten your colleagues at work. Now I have just found someone his match. Introducing the iSAW Chainsaw USB Toy....

If you look at this i.SAW USB chainsaw, the first thing you may wonder is how come a chainsaw can actually be powered from a USB power source? Is there some alien technology involved? The second question you may ask is, why would a computer, PC or laptop need a chainsaw to go with it? Maybe it is to be used as a CD destroyer? Maybe it can be used to murder your pesky colleague or that boss you have always been trying to get rid off. Gasp, I can't imagine and think of the possibilities here. I am trying to set up a human and child friendly website, but for the sake of all my faithful readers, I have to present all the new and latest USB Toys out there right? That said if anybody has any objections, do feel free to email me!

Ok guess I have, once again, digressed too far away from the issue at hand. Now let us talk about this iSAW USB toy again. Maybe it is less suitable to be used as a office toy. Perhaps maybe you were out in your garden and suddenly you decided to trim your plants or your shrubs and this USB Chainsaw would come in handy. Or maybe you are in the tool shed, checking out some handyman tips on the web, and then eureka you wanted to cut up some wood to create a baby cradle. Hows that? Sounds like very good uses for this USB Chainsaw i.SAW Toy if you ask me!

Let me give you the specifications of this baby. The iSAW or i.SAW is USB powered toy (as already mentioned all stuff on my blog are USB powered) and this USB Chainsaw measures no larger than the size of a regular computer keyboard. It has a good specialised proper grip to allow easy and smooth usage to so as to not compromise on safety. Some other features include a safety activation button and also a protective guard.Measuring 15.2 x 5.8 x 5.1 inches (385 x 147 x 130mm) and weighing approximately 8.2 lbs (3.7 kg), this precision i.Saw USB powered chainsaw can cut through different types of wood and has similar capabilities as a full-sized electric chainsaw. The Saw chain (which is included in the package of course) delivers fast cutting speed with good efficiency.

The makers of this USB Toy also claim that the iSAW USB Chainsaw has a rigid body enclosure. We all know that chainsaws are considered as heavy duty equipment. This is due to the materials used to make chainsaws. If such materials are used to make this iSAW USB Chainsaw, then this chainsaw would not be very useful for office use. (Hint hint they are telling us that this chainsaw can be used in the office to "remove some obstacles")If lighter materials are used, the iSAW USB chainsaw may not be very stable when it is being used. Hence the designers decided to use a mixture of tough plastic and lightweight alloy to create the body of the USB chainsaw.

The iSAW USB chainsaw is also USB Toy 2.0 Compatible. Similar to other USB toys, it has zero startup time and an instant plug 'n' play feature (oh do take note not to have the iSAW USB chainsaw switched on when you plug it into the USB socket!). The makers further claim that they have a "patent-pending technology" which allows for an "unparalleled distribution of power." May I also add that this i.SAW USB Chainsaw is the first in its class. It can even work on PC, Mac or any other USB-enabled devices!

After this great introduction, are you interested to buy this USB iSAW Chainsaw toy? Well, hurry down to this website to place an advance order now! (The above details and pictures are also taken from this website) The i.SAW USB chainsaw (really catchy and starting to rhyme now) actually just costs 59.95 (the currency is not stated though but I think it is cheaper than a garden chainsaw!) So hurry on down and get one USB iSAW chainsaw now!

Disclaimer: I really do not know whether this paragraph is supposed to be a disclaimer or not, but would like to tell me readers if you have been reading this blog post of mine diligently, I have to say good work and that this iSAW USB Chainsaw actually does not exist! It is actually a gimmick down by some environmentalists to promote environmental awareness and to save the earth. Actually each of our computers (and maybe printers) are chainsaws as we go about doing our work and also print massive amounts of information. That is essentially cutting down more trees and creating more waste. You can see the relevation which you click on the order button on the webpage. There is a software that creates a chainsaw sound everytime you press Ctrl + P to print documents. Pretty cool eh? Don't say I didnt warn you about this "i.SAW USB Chainsaw" product that it is not really a USB toy! It is also not really a scam but I find it very meaningful.

Download your iSAW USB toy chainsaw application today!

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