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A USB Toy that You Should All Get for the Office
In my previous post, I have talked about a unique USB office toy which is actually the iSAW chainsaw usb toy (which is actually a dud since it does not exist). Well for this post, I am going to bring you something even more sinister....
I guess most people out there would actually know who the Simpsons are. The Simpsons is an American animated cartoon television sitcom created by Matt Groening. The series is a parody of a middle class American lifestyle epitomized by the Simpsons family, which consists of Homer (the father), Marge (the mother), Bart (the younger son), Lisa (the eldest sister), and Maggie (the baby). The show is set in the fictional city of Springfield, and most of the episodes are about American culture and society as well as many simple day to day life, growing up etc, the things an American family would go through in America.
Now I guess most people would be interested to buy a usb toy because he is either interested to fix it up in the office or at home (these are the two places where I presume computers would be parked at). Which is very apt for this next USB device that I am showcasing, as it contains one of American televisions' most famous or hated boss. Since the title of this post already contains his name, I guess you would have figured out by now who I am talking about. Yes, his name is Mr Charles Montgomery "Monty" Burns or in short Mr Burns.
Mr. Burns is Springfield's richest and most powerful citizen, and shall I say the very naughty and evil owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and also Homer Simpson's boss. I am very surprised that Homer is still able to keep his job at the nuclear power plant despite all the blunders that he has made! Mr Burns also has an assistant or what some people would call a slave dog Mr Waylon Smithers, who acts as his loyal aide, advisor and maybe secret admirer. Mr Burns embodies a number of characteristics about Corporate America. He not only has an unquenchable desire to increase his own wealth and power but also forgets his employees' names very frequency (especially Homer's). Not to forget that he is unconcerned for his employees' safety and well-being, very much like the typical boss or manager.
If you ask me, I think Mr Burns is a very popular character in the show, and interestingly, this USB webcam actually has a Mr Burns character instead of the other Simpsons characters (I have also found a USB desk light that has Homer Simpson in it but this is the only Simpsons USB webcam I see). As I mentioned, this may be because USB toys are usually associated with the office (unless it is to be used at home) and what better character to have on a USB webcam other than your favourite boss! Now that Mr Burns is sitting on your USB webcam, it is time you thought twice before doing something naughty at the office, like taking a lazy nap!
I am not surprised that with the popularity of Simpsons, there would not be a lack of products that actually promote this well loved American family. So that is where my USB toys comes in. I have a feeling that there are many many USB products out there to endorse all the different things that we like. For example, in my past posts, I have not only showcased a Transformers USB Toy Hub, but also a Star Wars USB Toy Hub as well as a Hello Kitty USB Toy. So for this post, it is only fair that I introduce to you the Mr Burns USB Webcam & Microphone from the Simpsons family. I just love USB toys, don't you too? Well, let us first have a look at this USB webcam.

USB Toy Mr Burns USB Webcam and MicrophoneClick here to buy the Mr Burns USB Webcam & Microphone

This USB webcam is pretty cute looking isn't it? I kinda like the stand, it is somewhat like a heart shaped thing but then it is not the legs of the table neither is it the legs of Mr Burns. The table is actually the webcam itself, the lens of the camera comes out in the middle of the table on the front. Mr Burns sits in his red armchair, his hands together in his trademarked "planning his next move" position. It is a pity that this USB webcam does not mutter Mr Burn's trademark expression of the word "Excellent", which is normally uttered slowly in a low and evil tone while he is tenting his fingertips (which what he is doing as shown in the USB webcam).

You may have also noticed that there is a cute small little teddy bear on the table of the USB webcam. There is actually a story to this cute little teddy bear. At a young age, Mr. Burns left his family to live with his grandfather, who is another evil rich man and billionaire (I guess it is this person who corrupted Mr Burns and led him to become who he is today). In "Rosebud", which is the title of the fourth episode of The Simpsons' fifth season, some of Mr Burn's childhood is revealed. The episode begins by showing how on the eve of his birthday, Mr. Burns starts to miss his childhood teddy bear Bobo. The bear ends up in the hands of Maggie Simpson and Burns does everything in his power to get Bobo returned to him. I presume that the teddy bear on the USB webcam is Bobo.

So would you want to have a piece of the Simpsons? This Mr Burns USB Webcam & Microphone is not only a USB webcam but also contains an inbulit microphone as well! It is an ideal gift for a Simpsons fan, or maybe you would like Mr Burns to watch over you in the office (maybe you can even tell your boss that you prefer Mr Burns to him!) At the nuclear plant, Mr Burns spends most of his time in the office, monitoring his workers via closed circuit cameras. Do not ask me if this USB webcam is actually linked to these cameras that he is watching in his office! But then this USB toy is sure cute and nice to have.

Hope that you have enjoyed this post of mine. I will bring you more information on Simpsons USB gadgets in the future. Till next time, please look out for more USB Toys from my USB Toys blog!

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