USB Toy 2.0: R2-D2 Star Wars USB Hub Toy

Yet another USB Toy for my Star Wars fans. My other post was on the Star Wars USB Lightsaber Glow Lamp but now introducing the R2-D2 Star Wars USB Hub Toy, which is actually a normal USB allowing you to increase the number of USB ports connected to your computer or laptop from one to four USB hubs! You will never complain that you have run out of USB slots now!

What's more this R2-D2 Star Wars toy even comes with sounds! R2-D2 makes sounds every time you plug in a peripheral! Now if you don't like the whirling sound of the USB CD Destroyer (ok I'm just kidding don't think that makes a whirling sound but you will never know!), why not get this cute little R2-D2 Star Wars USB Hub Toy? Just let him sit by your computer at home or in the office! Another one-up for the force and a big boost to your Star Wars ego. Brag about this Star Wars Toy to your friends today! Most important of all buy one now!

Toy is USB Toy 2.0 compliant. Batteries not included (of course not since it runs on the USB port you dummy!) Ok you are not the dummy if you buy this toy. So buy it now and play with R2-D2! Now where is that C3PO......

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