Yet another USB Missle Launcher Toy

Wage War in the Office with this USB Missle Launcher
Remember my previous post on the Spiderman Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher? I had vowed to introduce more USB Missle Launcher Toys into my USB Toys blog. There are just so many USB Missle Launcher toys out there and a few posts most cover all the products in the market. So this post will be on yet another USB Missle Launcher Toy. I hope you won't get bored with these posts! Now this USB Missle Launcher is from ComputerGear and is thus a ComputerGear exclusive. Check out this Computergear USB Missle Launcher right here:

Just like the other USB Missle Launchers, connect this fun "laser" (I don't think these are laser guided USB missles but somehow or another they have added the word laser in the package) missle launcher to your computers' USB port or USB hub (oh I would sure love to connect a whole load of USB missle launchers together into some USB ports, can use the Transformers Optimus Prime USB hub to increase the numbers!), load the included software (and of course load the USB missles) and you are ready to aim and fire its three soft-foam USB missles up to 20 feet! Again I do not know how far the Spider Dream Cheeky USB Missles can go but then for this USB Missle Launcher toy it is 20 feet, pretty far if you ask me! Your experience is further enhanced with 3D visual, programs and sound effects. One final thing is that this USB missle launcher can "tilt up and down 45 degrees", see it on the diagram above? Alright folks time to build up your USB Missle Launcher force and buy your Computergear USB Missle Launcher today! If you need more USB gadgets, always come back to!

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Samual James said...

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