Handmade Computer USB Toys

Handmade Computer USB Toys

In a special post that I have today for my very special audience, I am writing about some interesting hand made USB Toys that deserve some attention and publicity. Basically, if you ask me it does not seem difficult to make your own computer USB toys, but then you got to have some artistic talent I guess! But not only that, you need specific tools to create such special toys. I do not know how these computer USB toys are made, but I would presume that you first buy a normal USB drive and then you have to slap on some plaster, create the shape or object that you want the toy to be, and then slap on some colour. It sounds real simple but do not try this at home if you are not an expert. Well, I have not actually spoken to any of these people who have created their own computer USB Toys, but if you are one of these guys and you are reading this post right now, do support my site! Oh if you need free advertising you can contact me too! I will put up a blog post on your USB toy free of charge! Of course I hope that you would write to me first :)

Now I am sure many of you have heard of the site by the name of Etsy. That's right, its basically a site where people buy and sell all things hand made. They got loads and loads of cool stuff there, including handmade beads, jewelry, clothes and accessories, toys, woodwork, furniture, dolls, computer stuff and basically almost anything and everything under the sun that can be handmade (or something additional added on to further improve the product). The following USB toys were discovered by me as I was browsing through the amazing world of Etsy. And of course I hope to bring to my fellow readers more variety, hence some of these handmade USB toys might create more ideas for my fellow USB toy supporters for them to consider a USB toy purchase. Oh and some of these computer USB toys have actually been sold. So maybe if you are really really interested to get one of these USB toys, you might want to contact the seller to see if he is willing to make another one. If not, some of these toys for sale may be the one and only one for sale, which means that if you buy one of these USB toys, it may be the only available in the whole wide world (and maybe universe). And with so many people using USB drives these days, it pays to be using a unique and special USB drive. That is the purpose of my site anyway (with other USB toys added into the mix as well) Well anyways, let's jump straight into these USB toys, shall we?

UFO USB Toy 4GB USB Flash Drive by OrigamiMe

USB Toy UFO 4GB USB Flash Drive
Now check out this good looking UFO! You may click here to view the actual sales page from OrigamiMe (he has some other USB thumb drives for sale and currently there are some other wooden carved USB toys). This UFO USB toy is sold out unfortunately (not sure how much it cost). Anyways, this USB toy is described as a USB Toy UFO which is made by basswood and hand carved. Looking at this alien technology I would assume that 4GB is a tee wee small for storage space? Nevertheless, check out the chrome enamel finish that gives the UFO a shiny silvery glow. Now this gives me the idea of other similar UFO flash drives. What about Star Wars mother ships or fighter jets or even the Star Trek USS Enterprise? Well hopefully my site will display such USB toys in the future.
According to the maker, this UFO USB thumbdrive is 5cm in diameter with a height of 3cm. Tiny but packs a punch! It is very light (as light as any normal USB flash drive I guess) and sits well in any usb port (I also presume that the USB drive is USB 2.0 port compatible). Now if you have any tech geek friends or people who believe in area 51, aliens or UFOs, this USB Toy UFO 4GB flash drive makes an excellent gift. Now next time, create some USB flash drives in the shape of alien heads. Now that is an idea! Oh and I forgot to add that no cows were abducted or harmed in the making of this product, and that is based on the assumption that cows were teleported into the UFO by the aliens (hehe).
Ned Kelly and Wooden USB Flash Drives by MikaEle
Now I am also going to talk about another USB drive creator by the name of MikaEle who creates his/her own USB toys. Now using my excellent sleuthing skills, I found out that this artistic usb toy creator is from Australia. And why is that? Because one of his hand made USB toy is a Ned Kelly figurine. Now who is Ned Kelly, you might ask? Now with my even more amazing sleuthing skills, this is what I found!
Ned Kelly 4GB USB Drive at US$88

Edward "Ned" Kelly was an Australian bushranger. Because of his defiance of the colonial authorities, he is also known as a legendary folk hero to many locals. Ned frequently clashed with the police when he was a young chap. In 1878, he murdered three policemen, and was proclaimed by the colony that Ned and his gang were wanted outlaws. A final violent confrontation with the police eventually took place and Ned (who was dressed in home-made plate metal armour and helmet) was captured and sent to jail. Subsequently, he was hanged for murder. His daring and notoriety made him an iconic figure in Australian history, folk lore, literature, art and film. Now he was also known to have committed some major robberies, and worse still took some people as hostages! How a guy like him can become a hero seems pretty perplexing to me! If any Australians are reading this post, maybe you can advice me on this.First let us take a look at this good looking USB toy:
USB Toy Ned Kelly 4GB USB Flash Drive
Parden me for saying this, but the USB drive without Ned Kelly's head is a bit like a halloween USB toy to me! Ned was hanged on 11 November 1880 and this doesn't explain why this USB toy does not contain Ned's head. Well if it was death by decapitation, then I would understand but not when its by hanging! Anyways, there was another similar Ned Kelly USB toy for sale that was already sold so this may be the last Ned Kelly USB drive there is so get it now before it is too late!
MikaEle also has other USB toys for sale. Take a look at these hand carved wooden USB toys:
USB Toy Wooden Chameleon 8GB USB Flash Drive US$115
Check out this wooden chameleon usb thumb drive. Instead of having a proper tongue, the USB head is its tongue! Chameleons are known to change their skin colour to blend in and camouflage with their surroundings. Unfortunately, do not think this chameleon can! Anyways, it looks good for a wooden carving and usb toy and furthermore it can store 8GB of data! Now that's what I call a chameleon that packs a big punch. Creator says that this USB toy is made from box tree.
USB Toy Wooden Chameleon 8GB USB Thumbdrive
USB Toy Wooden Owl 2GB USB Thumb Drive US$75
If chameleons are not your type of animal, why not get a wooden owl? Though it has less storage space of 2GB, it looks super cool if you ask me. Everyone in the office should get a different animal! Have any owl or chameleon friends? Now is the time to get them a USB toy as a gift.

USB Toy Wooden Owl 2GB USB Thumb Drive
Hope the above post and information has been useful to you. Tune in next time for more USB toys from the guys who bring you the USB toy blog! Take care and see you soon!
Handmade Computer USB Toys

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