Cool USB Toy: Interactive USB IZMO Hello Kitty USB Toy

Hello there folks and Hello to Kitty! Ok I mean Hello Kitty. And why am I saying so many Hellos and Kitties in this post is because this post is about Hello Kitty! What happens when you put Hello Kitty together with USB Toys? That's right! Hello Kitty USB Toys!!!!
So once again, not to disappoint my faithful blog readers, I am introducing yet more USB Toys. This time they are Hello Kitty USB Toys. Today's cool USB Toy is an Interactive USB IZMO Hello Kitty USB Toy! Now this is an amazingly cool toy because this Hello Kitty toy actually will respond to your keystrokes with mechanical movements! The Hello Kitty USB Toy is an animated interactive USB powered figure that can light up her magical wand, turn her head, wave her arm and even gives off enchanting and magical sounds! Let's take a look at what this USB Toy looks like and some of her other features:

  • Comes with random functions and sounds mode (this is when you are not typing)
  • Easy-to-install software is included for the personal computer. This IZMO software runs in the background so you can continue with whatever computer work you are doing.
  • Comes with a ‘Pause Mode’ which allows you to answer the phone without interruption (how thoughtful!)
  • Another ‘Random Mode’ allows you to leave the keyboard alone for 3 minutes (Hello Kitty switches into her random mode to remind you that you are not alone!)
So if you are bored at work or just lonely at home, you need to hang out with Hello Kitty! Hook her up to your computer via the USB cable provided and all you need to do is install the included software and then watch her respond to your typing! If you buy the Dream Cheeky Spiderman USB Missile Launcher Toy you can even ask Spiderman to shoot some missles at Hello Kitty! USB Toy fight! (Ok just kidding, either the Hello Kitty fans are going to kill me now or WWF will cage me up :P). Why not view a video of this USB Toy in action? Hmmm it is a bit noisy but maybe because my speakers are too loud!

I do have a special deal for my fans today. I have noticed that the Hello Kitty IZMO USB Toy from is priced at US$18.99 while the Hello Kitty IZMO USB Toy from is priced at US$22.95! If you don't believe me do please check the links and compare the prices for both Hello Kitty USB Toys (prices stated are at time of post). Anyway, I am just informing you that I will always bring the best value to my site visitors. I have promoted several amazon products in the past, but that is because I didn't find any cheaper alternatives. Nevertheless, amazon offers a very wide variety of goods and toys and if you are buying many different toys or in bulk it would be more cost effective to buy from them as final shipping cost may be lower. Anyway following the style for my cheap toys for kids blog, I like to bring value and savings to my readers. So these USB Toys shown in my website are definitely good buys! So feel safe to buy the products that I promote here.

That's the end of my post. Sob sob! Till next time.....Oh forget to tell all those Hello Kitty fans, if you are ever in Taiwan, do pay a visit to the Hello Kitty Hotel! You won't regret it!

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