USB Toy: USB Panic Button

I know many of you office geeks here surf the net while at work, not for work matters but for personal matters. Am I right? Now never fear there is a USB Toy here that will make your troubles go away! Introducing the USB Panic Button. Those web surfers and computer idlers of the working world can simply press the red button and up pops a screen saver that makes it seem that you are the hardest working employee in the office! Worry no longer about the boss catching you as you goof off during working hours! To deactivate the screen saver, just moive the computer mouse to go back to your web surfing! (Of course do not attempt that while your boss is still nearby!)

This acts as a really cool gift, especially to those whom you feel are office slackers! The design of the USB toy is stylish and innovative and satisfaction is ensured. If you are not keen to give them the humping dog USB Toy gag, why not get them a USB Panic Button? Choices choices there are just too many USB Toys to choose!

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