USB Toy: Pole Dancer USB Gadget

A sexy USB toy gadget awaits you....

If you think a Transformers USB Gadget is really just for the kids, and you want something more macho and more adult, have I got the right USB Gadget for you! If you are happily married, and you can't flirt with women outside, have I got the right USB Toy for you! Well, I know this sounds a little crazy, but if you can't have a real woman, why not get a Toy Woman, and better still, you can bring her to the office with you when you go to work, and you can get her "turned on" as you "plug" her in.....Now wait don't get any naughty ideas now, because when I meant plug her in, I meant plug her into the nearest USB port, and what I am going to introduce to you is the Pole Dancer USB Gadget. She just looks so sexy doesn't she!

Now after you have turned this sexy USB Toy on, be ready to be turned on yourself! Watch with pleasure as this sexy USB Pole Dancer toy spins around the pole, moving up and down. Oh that is soooo steamy!!! If you are not the type to buy such a usb toy, why not consider the USB Pole Dancer gadget as a gift for the person who always wanted to have their own private dancer but never had the means? Hehe what a joke right? Give it as a gag gift to your best buddy or your worst enemy, telling him since you can't afford a real dancer, why not enjoy a USB pole dancer sitting on your office desk? Or maybe you can give it to a friend in the office, as a gift to somebody for a bachelor's party or a USB gadget crazed guy. (like me of course! well you can just buy one don't need to give the USB toy to me but I won't refuse if you do!) Now if only they had a USB Stripper toy too! (Hint Hint USB toy makers!). Now this USB pole dancer gadget reminds me of another USB toy, the USB Toy Humping Dog! Woohoo I bet it is still humping at the USB port now, on and on and on like the energiser bunny or the titanic! You go you horny dog!

Right sorry, back to the USB gadget Pole Dancer. Now this USB Pole Dancer gadget is powered directly from the USB port of your PC (similar to all the other USB Toys on my site) and will therefore entertain you no matter day or night. Three multi-colored disco lights in the base unit serve to recreate an authentic nightclub atmosphere (and you thought it was just a gyrating Pole Dancer, kudos to the makers who introduced disco lights into this USB gadget!). That is not all. The USB Pole Dancer will perform to a default dance track, or you can even connect your MP3 player or Ipod and she will dance to your favorite tunes, all the while moving to the beat of the song. Now this is a little hard to believe! I guess you just have to buy this Pole Dancer USB Gadget to see if it really can dance to the tune of your favourite hits, but I'm not sure about this one! Tune in next time for more USB Toy products!

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