USB Toy: Star Wars USB Lightsaber Glow Lamp

Wow for those fans of the force, this interesting USB Toy is actually a Star Wars Lightsaber USB Glow Lamp. As with all the other USB Toys that I have introduced on this site, just plus this baby into a USB port and walla! Your workspace is lit up with the Force! (Wonder if they got it in different colours. Anyway this USB toy gadget is not available yet (it is coming in June 09), so you will have to pre-order it if you are interested. Cool desktop accessory and I would definitely get this instead of those USB office fairy lights or that eye toy usb camera! Haha!

Additional details state that the illumination level is adjustable by removing the base, and this base is able to recharge the light. This singular lamp stands approximately 12-inches tall. Need I say again that this is one of my best post on USB Toys and it makes an ultra-cool desktop accessory! Check out the cool video, it really is a very long Star Wars USB Lightsaber Glow Lamp!

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