iTwin USB Gadget

Now this is a real out of this world USB toy gadget. I bet you will never guess what this baby can be used for. Take a look at this USB toy gadget:

Guess what this USB gadget toy is used for:

(a) A cool new USB flash drive that allows you to connect either head to a USB port (what am I talking here?)

(b) Just like Darth Maul has a dual blade light saber in Star Wars, this USB flash drive is for people who wish to join the Dark Side...

(c) This USB Toy gadget acts as a USB Missile Launcher, when you insert one end into the USB port, the other "twin"shoots out like a USB Missle!

So which did you choose? If you are the smart reader whom I think you are (if you are using my site to buy USB Toys I can already conclude you are a SMART BUYER), you would have told me that the answer is neither (a), (b) or (c).
Let me tell you what this ingenious USB Gadget is. The iTwin USB Toy (ok it is not really a USB Toy and should be called a USB gadget toy or USB toy gadget??!!) is actually a mated pair of USB Gadgets that allow two computers anywhere in the world (I repeat anywhere in the world!) to share data when when the devices are plugged in. How it works is that when you connect one half of the USB gadget toy into a computer USB port, a folder would pop up on the desktop. This is the shared folder that is found on the computer (not on the USB toy!). Say you then go to a cybercafe and you wish to work from there. Just plug in the other end of the iTwin USB toy gadget (both halves of the USB gadget can be separated and detachable) into the computer USB port there and the shared folder appears on the desktop of the computer magically! Plug out the USB gadget toy from the USB port and the folder would disappear. The catch is both computers must be turned on (this is of course) and also connected to the internet. What you have got is a USB flash drive / USB stick that has an almost infinite amount of storage (as much as either one of the computers' hard disk can carry if you plan to use it as the storage device). At any one time, you can disconnect one of the USB gadgets and take it with you to stay productive while on the move!
This USB gadget toy is aimed at individual users and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a truly plug and play USB gadget, no passwords, log-in webpage, authentication or configuration are needed because a unique 256-bit advanced encryption standard (AES) crypto encryption key ensures that the data is transferred in a secure fashion! It is just like a USB cable connecting 2 computers and allowing them to transfer data to each other, just that the cable in this case is the internet! If you lose one of the paired devices, you can use a phone text message service to an assigned server to deactivate the USB gadgets.
The prototype of this one of a kind USB Toy Gadget was unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas in January this year and has attracted dozens of interested potential buyers who like its convenience. iTwin is actually the brainchild of 2 Singapore engineers, Lux Anantharaman and Kal Takru, who hail from the Singaporean research agency A*Star. Kudos to these two USB gadget engineers who have yet created more uses for the USB port! Well it seems that they are looking for some start-up funding of about $1.5 million to bring their idea to a bigger stage. Hope they make more USB Toys / USB Gadgets for me to sell! And guess what? This USB Gadget is likely to cost US$40 to US$50 per pair and hopefully mass production will start by the end of this year. Well if you are a rich businessman and you are reading this, perhaps you can give the USB Gadgets or Toys industry a leg up!
Stay tuned and bookmark this website as I will bring you the latest updates! More details and picture above is taken from the iTwin website.

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