USB Toys - USB and how it works

You may have a USB toy but ever wondered how USB port toys are powered by that USB socket? Pretty amazing isn't it that the small USB port can actually be used to power toys! What exactly is USB you may ask? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and these days every single computer or laptop would come equipped with one of those. Such USB ports allow you to attach anything from mice to toys (yay!) to your computer quickly and easily, allowing power to be transferred to the device from the USB itself.

USB is plug and play (the operating system is usually able to install the device drivers quickly and easily). Compared to the older ways of connecting devices to your computer USB devices are incredibly simple! Hence USB Toys are actually some pretty cool toys that allow a person to harness USB power to charge the USB toys up. Kudos to those USB people!

So how come the USB system is so flexible and how is it able to support so many devices including USB toys? I will explain more about this in my future posts. From what I found out, the USB currently allows a person to connect up to 127 devices to a computer. Just about every peripheral made now comes in a USB version.

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