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If you think that USB Toys are just for those silly useless geeks who play with the humping dog usb toy like the one in the post below then you are very very wrong! There is really much much more to USB Toys as I just discovered...check out this PlayStation 2 Eye Toy USB Camera! This link bring you to a stand alone package for just the eye toy USB camera, so if you are interested to know which Playstation 2 games this eye toy USB camera can be used for, please stay tuned to this website!
So what is this Eye Toy USB Camera? The Eye Toy USB Camera is an accessory of the PlayStation 2, a widely popular platform for playing video games. The Eye Toy USB camera employs motion-tracking and sensing technology to capture the gamer's body movement. This movement and the image of the player is transmitted into the game itself and allows the player to interact with the game using motion, color detection and also sound, through its built-in microphone. Sounds complicated? Apologies if I am not good at explaining! Anway this is the first game device which allows direct interface with a computer entertainment system! I have heard people who have used the Eye Toy USB Camera as a USB web cam or even a camera! They have done this through the use of an unofficial eye toy USB camera driver.
Just a bit of history here about the Eye Toy USB Camera. The Eye Toy USB Camera was originally devised by Dr. Richard Marks, who had the idea of connecting a web camera to a PlayStation 2 and using it as a peripheral to play video games. Since its launch in July 2003, EyeToy has received a number of awards and public recognition for its outstanding innovation in the console game field and has sold millions of units worldwide.The first batch of Eye Toy USB Cameras in 2003 were manufactured by Logitech, hence there are still many Logitech Eye Toy USB Cameras around. NamTai Electronics or NamTai won a new order from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe to build the new silver Eye Toy USB Camera model, better known as the Eye Toy 2, for the new Satin Silver PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system in 2005. The design of the new Eye Toy USB Camera inherits the basic functions of the previous Eye Toy USB Camera, but was smaller in size and more lightweight.

This is how the boxshot of this fantastic USB Toy look like:

Playstation 2 Eye Toy Camera 2 Stand Alone
Eye Toy USB Camera

Now unfortunately, my site is only about USB Toys and the aim of my site is to display all the different USB Toys out there in the market. I therefore do not have any information on any webcam drivers or the eye toy usb camera namtai drivers or even the logitech eyetoy usb camera drivers and therefore can't give you any information on how to use the usb logitech or namtai eyetoys as a cam or webcam. I therefore will have to disappoint my fellow readers who have chanced upon my site while looking for the namtai eyetoy driver.
"PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "EyeToy" is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "eyetoy" is a trademark filed by TOMY in Japan and covers the specification of goods for photographic apparatus and instruments.

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