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My dear USB Toy Blog readers, welcome once again to yet another post of USB toys. This time, once again, I will introduce some unique USB Toys - hand made ones nonetheless, that I discovered while browsing the amazing world of Etsy, where people sell and buy hand made stuff. In one of my previous posts, I have already talked about some hand made USB toys. This included a USB Toy UFO Thumbdrive and even some Wooden USB Toy Thumbdrives.

To give some credit to the creator, his name is Sgedra and I am actually advertising for him free. I have never corresponded with him via email before (and I sure hope to) because so far, his computer usb toys seem to be the most promising.

Sgedra is also a member of Etsy, and there is quite a selection of USB toys on his Etsy page. Today, I will pick some of his usb toys from his usb toy collection and show it to my readers. If you are interested to purchase any of these toys, feel free to visit Sgedra's page.


Today I will be focussing on some USB toys which Sgedra created or shall I say hand crafted based on the movie by the name of WALL-E. WALL-E (pronounced Wally) stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class. The movie is about this future robot, with the same name of WALL-E who is a "700 year old, solar powered mobile trash compactor robot". Presumably the last remaining functional robot on Earth, the future of Earth is unhabitable and filled with trash. You can say that WALL-E is left on earth to slowly compact all the trash that is left. Sadly, I really hope that this is not the future of earth. Anyways, mankind is not dead and they are on board a spaceships in space. They are hoping that the WALL-Es left on earth would clean up the planet so that the humans can return back to earth, but unfortunately this failed (and I am not sure why only one WALL-E was left).

WALL-E USB Toy 8GB USB Thumbdrive

WALL-E USB Toy 8GB USB Thumbdrive (US$65)

Now first up the line-up of USB toys is this USB Toy WALL-E USB thumbdrive which is able to store 8GB of data. Also attached to WALL-E is a keychain ring. There are actually many WALL-E toys in the market and this USB WALL-E toy is one of the very few rare WALL-E toys that you cant get anywhere else. Oh and I forgot to tell you that these hand made toys are most of the time one of a kind which means that there may only be one such model in the whole wide world. So if you are a big WALL-E fan and maybe also a tech geek who uses thumb drives a lot for data storage, you might want to purchase a USB toy here, for yourself, or maybe for a friend who loves WALL-E.

Now after you have seen that USB toy WALL-E, hope you would fall in love with it, if not you might want to look for other WALL-E toys or maybe carry on reading this post. So let's go back to the story. WALL-E is not just any robot but a very intelligent one. The makers of the movie are very good and have managed to make WALL-E a robot which is able to show emotions and feelings. Now WALL-E not only collects all sorts of garbage, more of like a rag and bone man, but he also has a television in his home trailer. There was once he was watching a film, and he glanced upon a scene where a man and a woman are holding hands. Suddenly, WALL-E starts to feel something inside him and he learns from this show about the concept of love, and how two life forms can fall in love and conveying their feelings for each other through this simple gesture of holding hands. WALL-E of course hopes that he would be able to experience this someday, being left all alone on this earth.

That faithful day would soon come one day when WALL-E finds a growing seedling plant among some trash. He takes a fancy to it and brings it home. On that very same day, a small spaceship deployed from the human colonies spaceships lands and deploys a feminine robot called EVE. EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator. WALL-E looks at EVE from the side and he has actually fallen in love with her love at first sight. In the beginning, they do not get along, but slowly as the movie progresses, EVE actually takes a liking to WALL-E.

WALL-E and EVE USB Toys 8GB USB ThumbdriveWALL-E and EVE USB Toys 8GB USB Thumbdrive (US$120)

If you look at the picture above, it shows both WALL-E and EVE sold as a USB toys set. WALL-E is the feminine robot in white. Such a usb toy set is good for lovers, the male can hold on to the WALL-E 8GB USB thumbdrive while the female can hold on to the EVE 8GB USB thumbdrive. Both USB thumbdrives also come with a keychain ring.

Anyways, EVE was sent to earth with a mission and that is to scan for signs of plant life and during a dust storm, EVE is brought back to WALL-E home where he shows her his collection. WALL-E also shows her the seedling plant which he had found earlier. This was when something strange happens. EVE stores the plant inside herself, deactivates and shuts down, showing no signs of activity and motion. WALL-E is shocked and tries to revive her. Then suddenly one day small spaceship returns to collect EVE and WALL-E hangs onto the ship as it returns to Axiom, the flagship of the spaceship carrying all the humans who are still alive. Once on the ship, EVE was reactivated. It seemed that once her plant sample was scanned by the ship's holo-detector, it will cause Axiom to return back to Earth so that humanity can recolonize the planet. However, yet another shock awaits as the plant was missing! The Captain deemed EVE to be defective and she is sent for repair.

Subsequently, it was discovered that Auto (the bad guy and autopilot and sort of computer brain behind the flagship) had asked his assistant, GO-4, to take the plant and to destroy it. It was also revealed that there was a final directive that if the cleanup of earth didn't work, the ships would never to return to Earth. The Captain, a good guy, feels that earth should be restored. Auto disagreed and a mutiny was staged. WALL-E was electrically shocked, and sent down a garbage chute to the garbage depot with EVE. WALL-E and EVE were almost jettisoned into space, but luckily one of the other robots by the name of M-O (which stands for Micro Obliterator) helped both EVE and WALL-E escape.

Micro Obliterator 8GB USB Thumbdrive

M-O (Micro Obliterator) 8GB USB Thumbdrive (US$59)

The M-O is a cleaning robot who has been cleaning WALL-E's dirty tracks across the ship. That is why it was able to track WALL-E down. The M-O 8 GB USB Thumbdrive is seriously an exact replica of the robot as shown in the movie. Fans of this robot can get this usb toy instead. Furthermore it is really so small in size, yet it holds 8GB of storage space! Simply incredible.

Anyway back to the story and hope you find the story exciting! WALL-E and EVE gathered some other robots to help them after they escaped from the garbage depot. They made their way to the holo-detector, which Auto tried very hard to close, so as to prevent the seedling from being put into it. WALL-E struggled to hold it open but sadly he is crushed inside. Auto was deactivated and EVE finally placed the plant in the holo-detector. WALL-E, badly damaged, was released and the Axiom mothership made its hyperjump to Earth.

Well sounds sad right? But do not fear as when the ship reached earth, EVE used the assortment of odd spare parts found in WALL-E's trailer to repair and recharge him. When he was repaired, yet another sad thing happened. WALL-E's memory, human-like qualities, feelings and personality appeared to have been erased; he was now like any other robot and worked as a normal garbage compactor. Heartbroken, EVE holds onto WALL-E's hand and gives him an electric spark as a kiss. This spark jolts WALL-E into his former self. Hurray! And they both lived happily ever after :)

Hope you like this story! I watched it at the movie theatres. Guess you can't do that now but you can always buy a WALL-E DVD. Oh and hope that you enjoyed my post on WALL-E (and EVE) USB Toys. Tune in next time for more USB Toys!

USB Toys - Hand Made USB Thumbdrives - WALL-E USB Toys

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